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The coronavirus crisis is putting families' incomes in check. Many are taking advantage of confinement to make numbers and see how they can reduce their daily expenses to start saving and prepare for an uncertain future.

The economic forecasts for the coming months are at least Dantesque: a historical collapse of GDP, a sharp rise in unemployment, which could return to the levels recorded in the worst moments of the previous crisis, a significant loss of household purchasing power, and a public debt that will break record.

In this scenario, and taking into account that the mortgage payment is the main recurring expense of thousands of families due to the amount and the time during which it lasts, the demand for mortgage subrogations has skyrocketed, allowing the conditions of a loan in order to improve those that are in force and that entails a change of bank (in the case of continuing with it, the process is called mortgage novation).

Top Reasons Why People Need Home Cleaning Services


People are not like it when their houses remain clean at all times. However, they must not necessarily love to clean themselves. In other times, people may be busy with other things in life. So, what does one do in such a case? Using professional cleaners like us from Residence dreams is the next possible thing. Just to enlighten you, here are some of the many reasons why people go for professional cleaning experts... 

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Pets in a rental house: everything for the owner and tenant to consider   

It is important for all parties, lessee and landlord, to know the answer to the following question: can owners prohibit pets in a rental apartment?

Agreement between the parties and community statutes

Obviously, the first step to know in which standard we can find provisions related to it. On the one hand, we find that neither the Horizontal Property Law nor the Civil Code nor the Penal Code expressly prohibit the possession of pets in a rented dwelling.

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